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Bertrand Nadel, PhD


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Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud
Bâtiment 2D
69495 Pierre-Bénite

CALYM, an Institute Devoted to Research and Development of Solutions for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Lymphoma

Accredited Carnot* institute in 2011, by the French Government, CALYM gathers 15 multidisciplinary and complementary preclinical and clinical research entities of scientists, teachers-researchers, physicians and clinical research professionals in the exclusive field of lymphoma: 

- 2 non-profit research associations: 

- The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA), cooperative group, international leader of lymphoma research
- The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), largest European academic organization devoted to clinical research operations in the lymphoma field

- 13 academic research teams of excellence, based in universities and hospitals across France, conducting research activities on lymphoma

Equipes CALYM

This Set without International Equivalent, Aims at Accelerating Innovation and its Transfer in the Lymphoma Field.

CALYM is the response to the needs of life science companies and offers its unique expertise, scientific skills, resources and means at all levels of its R&D approach from the identification of new biological targets, biomarkers to international Phase III clinical trials and beyond.