CALYM is a Member of FINDMED, the “Health-Medicines” Carnot Sector

CALYM with ten other Carnot institutes won in 2015 the "Valorisation-instituts Carnot" call for projects within the framework of the program of Investments for the future operated by the French National Research Agency (ANR). This call, which objective was to structure the Carnot institutes’ offer in response to the needs of the economic sectors, led to eight "Carnot filières*" actions, including FINDMED dedicated to “Health-Medicines” industries and technologies, which CALYM part.

Grouping of 16 Health Carnot Institutes

FINDMED is the result at the begining of the grouping of six Carnot institutes**, which core business is (human or animal) health, joined by ten other Carnot institutes*** that provide complementary technical skills required for R & D programs in the field of Health (ICT, chemistry, galenics...).

To Strengthen Competitiveness of Companies

This consortium aims to strengthen the competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies – mid-market companies, SME and small offices/home offices - in France, by offering them customized solutions to meet their development needs and by facilitating their access to academic R&D platforms.

Cutting-egde R&D Platforms

These cover many fields of activity such as validation of therapeutic targets, medicinal chemistry, molecular analysis (genomics, proteomics, etc.), cell analysis, numerical analysis (bioinformatics, etc.), screening, imaging, pharmacology, galenics, etc. up to clinical research, in a wide range of areas such as lymphoma, cancer, neurology, vision, infectious diseases ...

A website dedicated to the offer of partnerships and transfer of knowledge and technologies of the thirteen FINDMED Carnot institutes is now available at which contains the R&D offer of CALYM.

*: The eight “Carnot filières” actions: Aerospace: AirCar, Fashion and Luxury: CARATS, Automotive: CARNAUTO, Eco-industries/Renewable Energies: EnergICs, Extractive Industries and Primary Processing: Extra & Co, Consumer Goods/Sport & Wellness: FAST_SPOR’IN, Mechanical industries and Processes: Manufacturing, Health/Medicines: FINDMED

**: FINDMED Consortium: CALYM, Curie Cancer, ICM, Pasteur MS, Voir et Entendre, France Futur Élevage

***:  Chimie Balard Cirimat, Inria, M.I.N.E.S, [Email], Smiles, I2C, Qualiment,Imagine, MICA, IPGG Microfluidique, Interfaces

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