CALYM Moves!


From 11 June 2019, the new address of CALYM will be: Institut Carnot CALYM Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud Bâtiment 2D 69495 Pierre-Bénite Cedex.

CALYM present at Cap’CARNOT


Cap’CARNOT 2019 will highlight the "Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Health", through interventions of specialists in the sector and a demonstrator course presenting the latest scientific and technological advances in this field. In this context the CALYM Carnot Institute will present its thematic datalake project dedicated to lymphoma, intended for academic and partnership research. Its R&D director, Emmanuel Gomez will speak on "Machine learning for medical diagnosis". For more information : (...)

“Cell Therapy Innovation 360°: from basic research to patient delivery”


The CALYM Carnot institute is partner of these scientific days which will take place on 21 and 22 May 2019 in Lyon (Ecole Normale Supérieure). Why CTI360°? The development of genetically engineered T-cells constitutes a powerful new class of therapeutic agents that offers a new hope for cancer patients. CAR T-cells in acute leukemia and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma were recently approved by the FDA and EMA and more than one hundred clinical trials are ongoing. This is definitely an emerging therapeutic breakthrough. Three AMM (...)

Artificial Intelligence Against Lymphoma : Come and Visit CALYM at VivaTech!


The CALYM Carnot institute will exhibit on the Microsoft Booth “Ai for Good” in the “Better Life Avenue”, in the area of the Startup corner, dedicated to Health (Booth Q10-006). It will especially present its research project “AI Against Lymphoma”, supported by Microsoft in collaboration with Artefact, and more globally its approach using artificial intelligence to launch projects aiming at developing solutions to help characterization, diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas. VivaTech key figures: 450 speakers, 180 sessions, more than (...)

Make an Appointment with CALYM at MEET2WIN!


MEET2WIN is a professional event dedicated to open innovation, collaborative research and technology transfer in oncology. At the program of this one and a half-day, conferences, flash project presentations, one-to-one prescheduled business meetings, thematic workshops as well as exhibition area ! Representatives of big companies, biotechs, startups, academics, TTO’s, investors etc. will be there to increase their collaboration opportunities. CALYM will also present its research and development offer in lymphoma to meet new partners. (...)

Launch of the ATLAS Collaborative Project to decipher two of the Most Common B-Cell Lymphomas to Better Treat Them


ATLAS aims to provide a first high-resolution dynamic analysis of follicular and diffuse large B-cell lymphomas in their immune microenvironment. By deciphering, via single-cell analysis technics, the bases of the pathophysiology of these cancers, the research teams will build for each of them a single-cell RNA-seq "Atlas" on a large number of patients, to identify key biological parameters associated with tumor transformation, growth, relapse and resistance to treatment. Coordinated by Bertrand Nadel, director of the "Genomic (...)

Artificial Intelligence Against Lymphoma


European AI Night 2019 is Europe’s main event for the business world, building connections between global brands and influential AI leaders : laboratories, startups, tech giants, brands, AI influencers and enthusiasts. More than 2000 visitors are expected at this event that aims at accelerating AI projects and innovation breakthroughs. It is within this framework that CALYM, in the person of Emmanuel Gomez, its R&D Director, will present the consortium’s AI project to advance lymphoma research (workshops program « AI agaisnt (...)

SFH 2019: a Very Strong Presence of CALYM Researchers !


CALYM researchers and LYSA clinicians will be widely represented at this major national meeting devoting several sessions to lymphoma: - 10 oral communications and 5 short presentations of posters, - 16 posters - 2 scientific conferences with CALYM researchers - 3 news sessions For more information, please download our special CALYM program (in French) (.pdf)!

Health Innovation Lyon Forum


At the program of this event on “Innovation, prevention, ethics: Health reinvents itself in Auvernge-Rhône-Alpes”, three round tables: - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, a European nugget of Health - 3D printing, robotics, data, AI, electronic implantation… the future of health? - Prevention: an economic necessity or the goose that lays golden eggs? For more information:

CALYM and MacroGenics, Partners Against Lymphoma


Experts at CALYM will work with MacroGenics to evaluate PD-1* and LAG-3* expression in lymphoma samples to better understand potential therapeutic opportunities for MacroGenics’ pipeline candidates, including MGD013, a PD-1 x LAG-3 expression bispecific DART® molecule capable of blocking both checkpoint molecules and currently undergoing phase 1 clinical evaluation. The CALYM consortium is a leading institution in the study of the mechanism of action underlying these therapeutic strategies in the lymphoma field, at the molecular, (...)

6th Workshop ELI on « Which Future for Follicular Lymphoma? »


Several researchers from CALYM will speak in the 4 sessions scheduled at this international event : - New endpoints and prognostic factors in follicular lymphoma (FL) - Histologic transformation of FL - The future of immunotherapy - Can we reach the cure now? Please download the program (.pdf) !

"He was very much a voice of French haematological oncology"


A nice tribute was payed to Bertrand Coiffier in The Lancet Journal after his death last January. Betrand Coiffier was the founder of GELA and GELARC become LYSA and LYSARC and of the CALYM Carnot institute. Please download the article (.pdf) !

Second Joint Call for Projects of the CALYM Carnot Institute and the Institut Roche for the Fight against Lymphoma


CALYM and the Institut Roche have come together to promote, through the launch of joint calls for projects, preclinical and translational research partnerships in onco-hematology. Since the end of 2017, a framework contract was set up to define the terms of these calls of proposals. A second call is open in early 2019, to translational research projects to build a biological rationale by providing proof of concept, by elucidating the mode of action of drug candidates or with appropriate and effective preclinical studies. It is intended (...)

A New Director of R&D at CALYM


Emmanuel Gomez obtained his doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Lille, where he also completed a Master 2 Research in Immunology / Hematology. After his thesis, he graduated from HEC Paris with a Specialized Master and from IUH Saint Louis with a University Diploma of Cell Therapy. His professional career was mainly industrial. He was, before joining CALYM, for more than 5 years at Celgene, as head of medical affairs in lymphomas and cell (...)

The CALYM Carnot Institute Wishes You a Happy New Year!




The 7th edition of the BIOFIT business convention will take place on 4 and 5 December in Lille (France). FINDMED, the consortium of Health Carnot Institutes, including CALYM, will have a stand. This will be the opportunity for FINDMED to present the R & D offering of Health Carnot institutes. CALYM will be represented by FINDMED business managers who will present the expertise and skills of our Carnot dedicated to research on lymphoma treatment and diagnosis. More than 1200 participants and 100 exhibitors, from more than 30 (...)

CHICHE!* the New Program of FINDMED for Innovative French SME’s


The very small, small and medium-sized French companies which would hesitate to partner with the Carnot institutes of the FINDMED consortium can now take this risk thanks to the CHICHE! program. Indeed, this program offers to finance the first phase of the research project set up between the Carnot institute and the company, up to a € 50,000 per project. The ability of the Carnot institute to conduct the research program is thus evaluated on the basis of jointly defined indicators, during this so-called "feasibility demonstration" (...)

Lymphoma Associated with Breast Implants: LYSA-LYSARC in the Media!


Not to be missed this evening on France 2 TV, in the program Cash Investigation, Pr. Corinne Haioun, lymphoma specialist from LYSA, describes the French cases of anaplastic lymphoma associated with breast implants. Indeed LYSA set up with LYSARC as promoter, a registry of these lymphomas. The first case recorded in this registry was on 20 April 2009. More information: Newspaper Le Monde : (...)

“Novimmune Relies on the CeVi Collection to Demonstrate the Efficacy of its Bispecific Antibody”


To assess the efficacy and the mode of action of NI-1701, Novimmune collaborated with CALYM by relying on the richness and quality of its bank of viable cells, ISO 9001 certified. Discover the article published in the industrial newsletter and on the website of the Carnot network, describing the partnership between the “Microenvironment Cell differentiation, iMmunology And Cancer (MICMAC)” team of CALYM and the Novimmune company ! Please download the article (pdf) (...)

2018 ASH Congress: the Annual Unmissable Event for CALYM Researchers


CALYM researchers will present their last research results on lymphoma. Four oral communications and thirteen posters were indeed selected. The oral communications are: - "Advanced Untreated Follicular B‐Cell Lymphoma in Need of Systemic Therapy”. F Morschhauser et al.(Session 623, 2/12/18 at 4:45 pm, San Diego Convention Center, Hall AB) - “Follicular Lymphoma Grade 3A Exhibits Pathological and Cytogenetic Diversity, but Similar Prognosis Compared to FL Grade 1‐2 : Pooled Analysis of 1757 Follicular Lymphomas from the PRIMA and (...)

Discover the CALYM Activity Report 2017!


In the summary of our activity report: - our highlights of the year, - our scientific news, - our projects funded by CALYM owing to the Carnot contribution, - the development of our partnerships. Please download our 2017 CALYM report (.pdf)!

“Human germinal center transcriptional programs are de-synchronized in B cell lymphoma”


Follicular lymphoma (FL), the second most common adult lymphoma in western countries, is considered as a prototypical germinal center (GC**) B cell lymphoma, with several features that identify the cell of origin (COO) of FL as a GC B cell. In bulk analyses it was shown that most genes expressed in GC B cells were also expressed in FL B cells, suggesting that FL B cells are transcriptionally frozen in a GC B cell state. Since bulk analyses are known to mask the cellular heterogeneity that may be present in GC or FL B cells, the authors (...)

Rendez-Vous Carnot: Come Visit CALYM !


“The R&D meetings for business” gather each year more than 2800 attendees, innovation project leaders in all economic sectors. Four spaces devoted to Health, Sport, Visual and collaborative design and Car and mobility are proposed in 2018 to discover the latest innovations in these areas, associated and accessible technology platforms of the Carnot network and allow companies to meet experts on site or by appointment. The CALYM Carnot institute that will be in the Health village, will present its R&D offer in the lymphoma (...)

“Human Germinal Center Transcriptional Programs are De-synchronized in B Cell Lymphoma”


Follicular lymphoma (FL), the second most common adult lymphoma in western countries, is considered as a prototypical germinal center (GC*) B cell lymphoma, with several features that identify the cell of origin (COO) of FL as a GC B cell. In bulk analyses it was shown that most genes expressed in GC B cells were also expressed in FL B cells, suggesting that FL B cells are transcriptionally frozen in a GC B cell state. Since bulk analyses are known to mask the cellular heterogeneity that may be present in GC or FL B cells, the authors (...)

Modulating the Immune System to Treat Patients with Follicular Lymphoma


For patients treated at the beginning of follicular lymphoma (with a high tumor mass), RELEVANCE is the first major study comparing conventional immuno-chemotherapy treatment to a new combination of 2 drugs based on the modulation of immune system functions : lenalidomide taken orally and rituximab intravenously (also called R²). The study was conducted in 10 countries (France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain and the United States) by the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) and LYSARC, members of CALYM, (...)

International Workshop on PET in Lymphoma and Myeloma (PILM)


The meeting, co-organized by LYSA, will dedicate sessions to PET in myeloma, to new tracers such as the radio-conjugate imaging CXCR4 and their perspectives and to PET and minimal residual disease. Presentations of correlation between PET quantitative parameters and data obtained from molecular biology or liquid biopsy will be discussed as well as models relating PET metabolic tumor volume and tcDNA. A session will focus on the advances in volume and total lesion glycolysis and how it can be integrated within the prognostic indices. (...)

World Lymphoma Awareness Day is Tomorrow,...


World Lymphoma Awareness Day is tomorrow, on15 September 2018! Inform yourself with France Lymphome Espoir and CALYM/LYSA researchers during conferences organized in 18 cities in France! In Lyon, see you at the Rockefeller Faculty of Medecine with Pr. Hervé Gesquières! For more information:

CALYM Researchers, Speakers at the 2018 ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology


This international event aims at bringing together scientific experts on lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia to discuss the latest lymphoma fundamental science, address current challenges in the field, establish the highest priorities for investigation, and develop novel therapeutics. In the session dedicated to “Microenvironment Influences in Lymphoma », Karin Tarte, head of UMR 1236 laboratory, member of the CALYM Carnot institute will speak about « Follicular Lymphoma Microenvironment : Role in Pathogenesis and Clinical Impact » (...)

PRIMA-PI: a New Simplified and Easy-to-compute Prognostic Scoring System for Routine Practice in Follicular Lymphoma


In this study, researchers proposed to rely on bone marrow involvement and measurement of beta2 microglobulin * (ß2m) in the blood to classify these patients into three categories : high risk : ß2m> 3mg / L, intermediate risk : ß2m ≤ 3 mg / L with bone marrow involvement and low risk : ß2m ≤ 3 mg / without bone marrow involvement. They compared, in the cohort of patients from the PRIMA** clinical trial, the scores obtained with this new PRIMA-PI index with those of FLIPI, FLIPI2 and a simplified scoring system recently developed by Press et (...)

LYSA’s RELEVANCE Trial in the Media


Please, discover the press release on this study, published on the website of ASH and the video made by ecancer! Reference : Franck Morschhauser et al. RELEVANCE : PHASE III EFFICACY AND SAFETY STUDY OF LENALIDOMIDE PLUS RITUXIMAB (R2) VERSUS RITUXIMAB PLUS CHEMOTHERAPY, FOLLOWED BY RITUXIMAB, IN PREVIOUSLY UNTREATED FOLLICULAR LYMPHOMA

Immunotherapy: a New Bispecific Antibody to Treat B-cell Lymphoma and Leukemia


The most widely used treatment for B-cell lymphomas is CHOP chemotherapy combined with anti-CD20 rituximab antibody. However, 30-60% of indolent patients are resistant to rituximab at baseline and up to 50% of relapse after treatment and become refractory. Researchers at Novimmune SA have developed a new bispecific antibody, NI-1701, targeting CD19 and CD47. CD19 is a transmembrane glycoprotein widely expressed in B cell malignancies including those positive for CD20 or not. CD47 is a ubiquitously expressed protein that mediates a (...)

Discover CALYM’s Communications at the 23rd Congress of EHA!



23rd Congress of EHA: Results of the RELEVANCE Clinical Study Selected in the Presidential Symposium!


The 23rd annual congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) will take place from 14 to 17 June 2018 in Stockholm (Sweeden). The abstract “RELEVANCE: Phase III efficacy and safety of lenalidomide plus rituximab (R2) versus rituximab plus chemotherapy, followed by rituximab, in previously untreated follicular lymphoma”, submitted on the RELEVANCE study, conducted by LYSA-LYSARC was selected in the presidential symposium with five other communications! It will be presented by Franck Morschhauser from Hospital University Centre of (...)

"Preclinical Development of Immunotherapies 2018"


The objective of this event is to combine the expertise of companies (large groups and SMEs) and laboratories to think about specificities and predictivity that different models can offer, depending on the pathology and targeted strategy of immunotherapy. Business meetings are scheduled in the program, an opportunity for CALYM to meet new potential partners. For more information:

Come and Discover the R&D Offer of CALYM at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cancer Research Forum!


A place to exchange ideas on the major issues facing cancer research, the Forum that brings together more than 600 researchers, clinicians and industry partners, promotes sharing between scientific disciplines and stimulates the emergence of new collaborations. During this 13th edition, CLARA will celebrate its 15th birthday and will reveal its fourth action plan for 2018-2022. In the exhibition space, the CALYM Carnot institute that will have a stand, will present its unique R&D offer for the treatment and diagnosis of lymphoma (...)

The CALYM Carnot Institute and the Institut Roche, Partners to Accelerate Together Research against Lymphoma!


The CALYM Carnot institute aims at accelerating innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma field, particularly in the translational phase. To transform its discoveries of basic research into clinical applications for the patient, the institute benefits from the financial support of the French government (National Research Agency) andrelies on public-private partnerships it develops with industry and other research and technological organizations. It is in this context that CALYM has come closer to the Institut Roche which missions are (...)

CALYM-IMAGINE workshop: a day rich in interactions!


How new technologies can help us to develop innovative treatments in lymphomas and primary immune defects? This is the question to which the various speakers tried to answer during this scientifically dense day which allowed in particular to open different perspectives of collaboratiosn between CALYM and IMAGINE. The workshop gathered more than one hundred people including about twenty industrial representatives from big pharmaceutical companies such as: Janssen, Sanofi, Abbvie, Astrazeneca, MSD, Celgene, Roche… The morning session (...)

LYSA Days 2018 (Les Journées du LYSA)


CALYM will present its last news on 8 February at 5 pm. A stand shared by LYSA, LYSARC, the European Lymphoma Institute and CALYM will show the flagship projects of the four Lyon entities. Among the three prestigious guests, Martine Amiot, leader of the CALYM team “Regulation of Bcl2 and p53 Networks in Multiple Myeloma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma” from the Nantes-Anger Cancer and Immunology Research Center, will speak on “Apoptosis and clinical perspectives”. Ash Alizadeh from Stanford University (USA) will speak on circulating DNA in (...)



CELGENE and LYSARC Provide Update on Phase III RELEVANCE’ Study of REVLIMID® in Combination with RITUXIMAB (R2) for the Treatment of Previously Untreated Patients with Follicular Lymphoma


Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG) and the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) today announced that the Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC) reported results from a phase III, randomized, open-label, international clinical study (RELEVANCE). Download the press release(.pdf)

CALYM-IMAGINE Workshop 2018


From CRISPR/CAS9 to single-cell technologies, from liquid biopsies to multi-OMICS today’s swift technological advances in genetics and genomics are currently setting the stage for tomorrow’s revolution in patient care. The aim of this joint CALYM / IMAGINE Carnot workshop is to bring together academic and industrial players to discuss how these genetic advances can be used to develop innovative therapies in lymphoma and primary immune deficiencies. REGISTRATIONS are CLOSED. Please, download the program (...)

“Follicular Lymphoma: Long-Term Efficacy of Rituximab maintenance Persists after Ten Years of Follow-up”


“When a patient in two who received a first-line immunochemotherapy and rituximab maintenance has not relapsed after ten years, can we still consider that follicular lymphoma is incurable?”, asks Pr. Gilles Salles, president of LYSA, LYSARC and CALYM. Discover all the press release (in French) (.pdf)!

Olivier Hermine nominated at the French Académie des Sciences


Olivier Hermine is Professor in hematology in the Paris-Descartes University, head of the hematological department at the Necker-Enfant maladies hospital and leader of the CALYM team “Molecular Mechanisms of Hematologic Disorders and Therapeutic Implications” at the Imagine institute Inserm U 116 CNRS ERL 8654. He is also coordinator of the Reference center of mastocytosis (CeRemast). His research interests include lymphoproliferation linked to hepatitis C virus, mantle cell lymphomas and regulation of erythropoiesis. He is co-founder and (...)

”Team in the Spotlight” Prize of the ARC Foundation: the CALYM Team of Michel Cogné Rewarded


In 2017, the board of directors of the ARC foundation gave the “Team in the spotlight” prize (Prix Equipe à l’honneur) to Michel Cogné, leader of the “Control of the B Cell Immune Response and Lymphoproliferation” team of UMR 7276 - Centre de Biologie et Recherche en Santé of Limoges. This prize rewards his research works on the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the regulation of B-cell lymphocytes. These major results on cancer were obtained in the framework of the call for proposals “ARC Foundation labeled programs” (« Programmes (...)

ASH 2017: a strong presence of CALYM researchers!


Twelve oral presentations, seven posters and one education session will be presented by CALYM researchers mainly from LYSA. Download the details of selected presentations (.pdf) More information about ASH 2017

CALYM at Biofit 2017


The sixth edition of this event, dedicated to technology transfer, academy-industry collaborations and early stage innovations in the field of life sciences, should gather more than 1,200 attendees from more than 30 countries: academics, TTOs, big pharma, biotech start-ups, investors… CALYM will present its R&D offering in the lymphoma field in order to establish new contacts with industrial partners. For more information: (...)

BIO Europe 2017: CALYM Meets theTranslational Needs of Companies


A dozen of one-to-one meetings were scheduled for CALYM with essentially biotech companies. The needs they expressed were mostly upstream of the early clinical phase of their products in order to validate for example the proof of concept in the lymphoma, determine the mechanism of action, etc. The research continuum created by CALYM, promoting exchanges between basic and clinical research, is a major asset to accelerate the translational R&D of its (future) partners. CALYM as a one-stop shop, has already begun discussions between (...)

I help research against lymphoma!


The CALYM Carnot institute set up a few years ago a unique collection in France, the CeVi Collection, gathering biological samples of human viable cells isolated from lymphomas or reactive lymphoid tissues: lymph nodes, spleen and bone marrow. These rare samples, associated with biological and clinical databases, make it possible to CALYM teams to develop new in vitro and in vivo lymphoma models, to study the tumor microenvironment or to identify new blood and tissue biomarkers. The objective isto better understand lymphomas and to develop (...)

CALYM at BIO-Europe 2017: Come Meet Us!


Largest life science partnering conference in Europe, BIO-Europe attracts nearly 3,700 participants including 1,900 companies from sixty countries. Over 20,000 one-to-one meetings are organized on this occasion. CALYM will present its lymphoma R&D offering to potential industrial partners. Come meet us to discover, among other things, our new proprietary assets in lymphoma! For more information about BIO Europe: (...)

Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: a New Assay for better Targeted Therapies


DLBCL is the most common non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma subtype. Depending on the cell from which the disease originates, DLBCL can be classified into three major subtypes determining the prognostic and treatment of patients. Philippe Ruminy and Victor Bobée from the CALYM team of Fabrice Jardin at the Henri Becquerel Centre in Rouen, developed a new diagnostic tool based on the expression profiling of 21 genes allowing to classify DLBCL in germinal center B-cell-like (GCB), activated B-cell-like (ABC), and primary mediastinal B-cell (PMBL) (...)

Bertrand Nadel, New Manager of the CALYM Carnot Institute


Bertrand Nadel has been actively involved in the life of CALYM since its inception in 2012, as a member of the Scientific Evaluation and Coordination Committee (COSCI) and a member of the Steering Committee (COPIL). "Several waves of conceptual and technological revolutions are on their way to profoundly modify the scientific, medical and socio-economic landscape of oncology, prompting an unprecedented public-private dialogue. I seek to continue my investment and commitment in the development of CALYM, taking up the fantastic challenge (...)

CALYM again ISO 9001 certified


Following its last quality audits in September in Toulouse, Paris and Lyon, CALYM obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification for the management and monitoring of its research activities and the coordination of its CeVi collection of lymphoma viable cells. Particularity of this year, the changeover to the 2015 version. Explanations... In accordance with the Carnot charter, CALYM undertook in 2012 the implementation of a quality approach in order to: - guarantee the socio-economic partners an optimal level of performance within (...)

Mantle Cell Lymphoma: an Immunotherapy after Chemotherapy Prolongs Patients Survival


Addition of rituximab immunotherapy after chemotherapy in patients with mantle cell lymphoma prolonged their survival, according to a study conducted by the French and Belgian centers of the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) and published on 27 September 2017 in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)*. Download the press release (in french) (.pdf) * : S. Le Gouill et al., Rituximab after Autologous Stem-Cell Transplantation in Mantle-Cell Lymphoma, N Engl J Med 2017 ; 377 (...)

Discover the CALYM 2016 activity report!


Download report (.pdf)

Presentation of the CALYM Lymphoma Viable Cell Collection at the 3rd CRCL International Symposium


This event aims at gathering clinicians and scientists to address fundamental issues of cancer biology from the molecular and biochemical determinants of cancer initiation and dissemination, to the impact of the tumor microenvironment and immunity. Interactions between basic, clinical, and translational research will be particularly emphasized. The program is divided into four sessions: - cancer cell plasticity, - immunity and virus in cancer, - tumor microenvironment, - innovative therapies. For each of these sessions, international (...)

CALYM at the “Nordic Life Science Days” business convention


With more than 1000 participants at the last edition, this business convention is the largest of Northern Europe. More than 2200 one-to-one meetings are expected between representatives of pharma, biotech and medtech companies, CROs, academics and investors. CALYM will present its lymphoma R&D offer. For more information:

World Lymphomas’ Day – 15 September, 2017


Let’s meet in 21 cities in France! The France Lymphome Espoir association supported among others by LYSA, is organising an information day in 21 cities in France on Friday 15 September, 2017. It is open to anyone. The objective of the day is to inform about the pathology, to give the opportunitiy to meet doctors, medical staff and to discuss & share questions and hopes with patients, their close relatives and the association volunteers. Registration is recommended. More information at (...)

Carnot: Research for Companies


Focus on Health at the Rendez-Vous Carnot 2017


For this 10th edition, the Rendez-Vous Carnot offer several thematic focuses including for the first time health with a dedicated space gathering the Carnot and associated Carnot institutes in this field: CALYM, Curie-Cancer, France Futur Elevage, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière - ICM, Imagine, Voir & Entendre, Pasteur MS. The FINDMED Carnot “Health-medicines” project will also be present in that space as the Medicen competitive cluster. The complete R&D offer of each player will be exhibited, the opportunity for life (...)

ICML 2017: a Strong Presence of CALYM Researchers


This year the LYSA representation was exceptional as 16 LYSA papers were selected for an oral presentation (out of a total of 140). Among them, two studies presented new genic expression assays. Philippe Ruminy from the Inserm U1235 team of Rouen, member of CALYM, presented a RT-MLPA based assay allowing to identifying major peripheral T-cell lymphoma sub-types with 20 markers. Bruno Tesson, a CALYM bioinformatician, contributed to the results presented by Sarah Huet from Lyon Hospital (Hospices Civils de Lyon) on an assay based on the (...)

Tazemetostat, a New Step in the Development of this Fist-in-class Drug, Tested in a LYSARC Trial


The CALYM Carnot institute and LYSARC are proud to count Epizyme as one of their partners as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track status to their first-in-class EZH2 inhibitor, tazemetostat, as a potential treatment for relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma patients with or without EZH2 activating mutations. Fast Track status allows fostering and accelerating the development of important new drugs under study, making them available to patients more quickly. It is a good news as LYSARC is evaluating the (...)

Launch of the Lymphoma Academy


The Lymphoma Academy, a LYSARC initiative, is a scientific and operational lymphoma training offer. It leverages the long-standing experience and expertise developed by the entities that form together the “Lymphoma Cluster”: - the CALYM Carnot institute, - The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), - The Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA), - The European Lymphoma Institute (ELI). It is now available on the web platform www.thelymphomacademy.orgfor all staff or members of the Lymphoma Cluster. In the future it will be (...)

Discover the New CALYM Brochure!


The CALYM Carnot institute is happy to present its new presentation brochure. Please, download it (.pdf)!

CALYM at BIO 2017: Already Take your Appointment!


CALYM R&D offer devoted to lymphoma, from the elucidation of the mechanisms of action of new molecules, to the identification of new biomarkers and to Phase III clinical studies, will be presented during face-to-face meetings. This exceptional international event predicts for this edition more than 35,000 one-to-one meetings with more than 3,100 companies! The opportunity for CALYM to link new partnerships! More information about BIO: (...)

CALYM at the MEET2WIN National Oncology Business Convention


MEET2WIN plans this year to bring together more than 200 participants: representatives of big pharma & diagnostic companies, biotechs, startups, researchers, clinicians, TTO’s, investors etc. Organized around one-to-one meetings, the convention aims at boosting collaborations opportunities between public and private sectors. The CALYM Carnot institute will present its R&D offer to future potential partners during one-to-one meetings of which more than ten are already pre-scheduled. In addition to one-to-one business meetings, (...)

Laying the Foundation Stone for the CENS-ELI Building


The earthworks for the new CENS-ELI building have recently begun. This construction will enable the research and / or training activities of CENS (Centre for European Nutrition and Health) on the one hand and ELI (European Lymphoma Institute) on the other. ELI will bring together LYSARC, LYSA and the CALYM Carnot institute. The € 15 million cost is financed by LYSARC (€ 3 million), the city of Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The ceremony to lay the foundation stone is scheduled for 24 April 2017 at 9:30 am in the presence (...)

CALYM at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cancer Research Forum


A place to exchange ideas on the major issues facing cancer research, the Forum that brings together each year 500 researchers, clinicians and industry partners, promotes sharing between scientific disciplines and stimulates the emergence of new collaborations. The CALYM Carnot institute that will have a stand, will present its unique R&D offer and the lymphoma cluster. The latter gathers LYSA (The Lymphoma Study Association), a cooperative group, international leader of lymphoma research, LYSARC (the Lymphoma Academic Research (...)

Make an appointment with CALYM at BIO-Europe Spring!


More than 2,400 professionals from more than 1,400 companies from 45 countries will attend this life science unmissable event in Europe. More than 12,500 face-to-face meetings are scheduled. CALYM will take the opportunity to present its unique R&D offer in the lymphoma field. For more information:

Epigenetics & Cancer: SAVE THE DATE!


DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: 31 MARCH 2017! The conference is organized by 4 institutions and research team networks, CVT AVIESAN, Institut Curie, REpiCGO and Grenoble Epigenetics Club, which are highly involved in epigenetics basic and translational research. The goal is to bring together leading scientists, clinicians and companies interested in epigenetics to discuss the latest discoveries and development of their applications in cancer therapy and diagnosis. The first day will focus on the new insights in epigenetic (...)

Discover our lymphoma biomarkers research and development offer!


According to its partners’ needs, CALYM offers to carry out the research and co-development of lymphoma biomarkers in this way: CALYM (and possibly its industrial partners): - carries out the biomarker discovery phase and establishes the proof of concept - transfers the biomarker/the technology - carries out the clinical validation phase CALYM’s partner (in vitro diagnosis, biotechnology, pharmaceutical company) - products and qualifies analytically the assay (kit) - obtains the CE marking authorization - carries out the (...)

Discover the Presentation Booklet of CALYM’s Teams!


A new presentation booklet for the 15 entities of CALYM is now available for download. Download the booklet (.pdf)!

Kick-off of the European Project HARMONY


HARMONY : “Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY” is a European network of excellence funded by “The Innovative Medicines Initiative in the amount of € 40M. This project, made up of 51 academic and industrial partners from 11 European countries aims to create a roadmap for better access and care for patients with various blood diseases with the use of big data. With HARMONY, a more rapid detection of promising treatment strategies and prediction of their potential adverse events will be (...)