Focused on partnership research, CALYM responds to health issues, scientific and socio-economic challenges.

The CALYM Carnot institute aims to accelerate innovationand transfer in the field of lymphoma, through a reinforced public-private partnership and a unique R&D offer from the identification of new biological targets to registration clinical trials.

To answer unmet medical needs in lymphoma field, the CALYM Carnot institute is supported by four R&D pillars.

Four R&D Pillars at the Core of Innovation

1. Research and validation of new biological targets and lymphoma in vitro and in vivo models

2. Identification, validation, patenting and licensing of blood and tissue biomarkers

3. Early monitoring of activity (early pharmacodynamic markers, circulating DNA, immunomonitoring)

4. Clinical research











CALYM, a Response to Life Science, In Vitro Diagnostics and Imaging Companies

  • to develop new preclinical drug candidates
  • to improve diagnosis, guide therapy decisions and predict tumor responses
  • to accelerate translational research
  • to accelerate development, registration and market access of drug candidates