Resources & Platforms

Unparalleled Collections and Models

Our studies lead us to create and enrich unparalleled biological collections in order to develop new innovative models closer to the biology that represent an important collaborative potential to provide proof of concept, elucidate the mode of action of drug candidates and conduct suitable and effective preclinical studies.

Platforms of Excellence

CALYM has platforms of excellence to develop its research rom the identification of new biological argets to phase IV clinical trials pour développer sa recherche depuis l’identification de nouvelles cibles biologiques jusqu’aux phases cliniques IV:

- OMICS (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics)

- Microscopy (multiphotonic, fluo, MET, MEB, confocal, NanoSims 50…)

- Cell sorting and analysis: flow cytometry

- Immunophenotyping, immunomonitoring (ISO 9001- NFX 50-900)

- Clinical grade platforms: medical imaging central review, pathology central review, digital pathology, EARLY phase trials

- Bioinformatics


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