Terms of Collaboration

Strong of its 15 entities, the CALYM Carnot institute develops research partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, in vitro diagnostics or imaging companies to promote emergence of new therapies, new tools and technology transfer.

Contract Research

CALYM offers contract research partnerships on preclinical, translational or clinical (multicenter) projects.

Collaborative Research

To meet major issues in lymphomas study, understanding and treatment strategies, CALYM’s teams offer joint setting-up of projects on national or international calls for projects.

Platforms and Technical Resources

CALYM offers access to its databases, technical platforms, biological collections, preclinical models, technical resources.

Clinical research, OMICS, flux cytometry, imaging… please, see the resources we have available, to conduct our research and collaboration projects: http://www.calym.org/-Technical-facilities-.html


Whether you want to position or reposition a molecule, interpret data to guide a project or design a program, etc., CALYM offers expertise and consulting of internationally renowned lymphoma experts in R&D, clinical and pathology fields.

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