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Carnot Institute

A Carnot Institute is a research organization which places partnership research led with and for industry, at the heart of its strategy. Carnot institutes are recognized for both their high scientific standards and their professionalism and commitment to developing high quality partnership research.

Founded in 2006, the Carnot Label, granted by the French government, was designed to develop partnership-based research, meaning research conducted by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic players, primarily industry (from SMEs to large corporations), to serve their needs.

Carnot Institutes Network: Research and Innovation for Industry

Key Figures

  • 38 Carnot
  • 18 % of the French public laboratory workforces
  • 30,000 research professionals
  • 9,600 PhD
  • 50 % of the R&D funded by companies in French public research
  • 11,000 R&D contracts per year with industry (4700 with SMEs – ISEs)
  • 80 spin-off companies per year
  • 1,020 priority patents filed in 2015
  • Over 23,500 peer-reviewed publications in 2015
  • €700M of partnership contracts including €600M with companies
  • €362M of collaborative contracts with companies

In 2016, as part of the third phase of the Carnot program, 29 Carnot institutes and 9 Associated Carnot were selected by the French government. Associated Carnot are intended to obtain the Carnot label in 3 years. This label is sustainable, each institute being evaluated every 3 years, when their perimeter can evolve.

Skills of the 38 Carnot

The skills of the 38 Carnot are gathered into 7 main themes:

  • Health and technologies for health, nutrition
  • ICT - micro & nano technologies
  • Materials, mechanics and processes
  • Energy, transport
  • Environment, natural resources, chemistry
  • Construction, civil engineering, landscape planning
  • Soft sciences

► To find out more: http://www.instituts-carnot.eu/en/38-carnot-en