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Regulation of Bcl2 and p53 Networks in Multiple Myeloma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Co-leader: Martine Amiot

Co-leader: Catherine PELLAT-DECEUNYNCK

NantesInserm U1232-CNRS-ERL6001-Université de Nantes -
Centre de recherche en cancérologie et immunologie Nantes-Anger

Research Areas & Objectives

The laboratory studies the role of the microenvironment in the reactivation of signaling pro-apoptotic pathways in B-cell lymphopathy: molecular and preclinical mechanisms.

Lymphoma Sub-types

Mantle-cell lymphoma (MCL)


Biological targets and in vitro/in vivo/ex vivo models

- Apoptosis intrinsic pathway (BCL2 family)
- TP53 pathway
- BCR pathway (BTK)
- MCL1

- In vitro models: mantle lymphoma cell lines
- Ex vivo models: coculture system of primary cells of MCL + L40 + cytokines (microenvironment study)
- In vivo models: PDX MCL (on going)

Blood and tissue biomarkers

Prognostic biomarkers to stratify high risk versus low risk MCL patients: whole genome copy number analysis. LyMa trial.

Innovative technologies

- BH3-profiling
- RNA/DNA-seq

Platforms & Technical Resources

Platforms of the SFR François Bonamy (www.sfrsante.univ-nantes.fr):
- Cytocell platform: flow cytometry and cells sorting (Biogenouest)
- Bioinformatics and genomics platform: GenoBIRD (IBISA/Biogenouest)

R&D Offer

The laboratory offers to evaluate drugs that directly activate the intrinsic apoptosis pathway or that modulate actors implicated in that pathway mainly by inhibiting the protective role of microenvironment.
To do so, the laboratory has set up a coculture system in the medium run (15 days) of primary cells of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. This coculture system mimics the effect of microenvironment and reproduces molecular signatures of tumor cells observed in lymphoid tissue.
The laboratory offers access to collections and databases: REFRACTLYMA (Hanf M, 7 authors, Le Gouill S. The REFRACT-LYMA Cohort Study: a French observational prospective cohort study of patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma BMC Cancer in press).


Microenvironment, B-Cell lymphoma, Cellular cycle, Cellular death


Please, download our presentation poster (.pdf)