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Mechanisms of Action & Proof of Concept

The recognized expertise of our teams offers the opportunity to explore new therapeutic pathways for the development of more targeted, better tolerated and more effective drugs.

Our teams are specialized in the study of signaling pathways: pathways involving protein kinases, apoptosis and other oncogenetic pathways (transcription, epigenetics, non-coding RNAs).

They have arecognized expertise in the physiology of normal and pathological lymphoid tissues and in approaches based on the modulation of tumor microenvironment.

Their expertise isvery significant in the study of the mechanism of action of monoclonal antibodies that led to the discovery of genetic factors modulating activity of these antibodies.

Our studies lead us to create and enrich unparalleled biological collections in order to develop new innovative models closer to the biology that represent an important collaborative potential to provide proof of concept, elucidate the mode of action of drug candidates and conduct suitable and effective preclinical studies.

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