Qualified and Recognised OMICS Platforms (IBISA, ISO 9001, RIO Labels)


Our platforms are conducting studies of large-scale sequencing of DNA molecules, genotyping (classic and ultra-broadband), expression analysis (per chip or massive sequencing of RNAs), methylation analysis ...


These platforms allow to analyze the genome and its expression and to study the mechanisms of a cell, organ or organism.


These platforms are used for the following studies:

  • Identification of protein (cellular and subcellular localisation)
  • The biochemical characterisation of new molecules 
  • Assessment of the levels of protein expression
  • The caracterisation of pronostic or diagnostic biomarkers
  • The study of protein interactions (Measurement of molecular interactions in vitro and in vivo) …

Metabolic and metabolomic analyses

These analysis allow the study of metabolic pathways, the determination of metabolic pathway, the establishment of fingerprints, the biomarker research and the research of discriminating factors.


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lipids can be performed on various micro-biological samples: some organ micrograms, fluid microliter or 1 to 5 million cells are sufficient for analysis.

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