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Together to accelerate innovation

Carnot CALYM Institute promotes innovation in lymphoma research and accelerates its transfer to the clinic and the healthcare industry through public/private partnerships.

CALYM’s R&D offering is positioned in a fast-growing global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology market, which for several years has been undergoing a strategic shift involving a strong need for biological, clinical and technological expertise from the academic sector. To meet these market demands, CALYM is uniquely positioned across the entire R&D value chain, from the identification of new cellular targets to international Phase III clinical trials and beyond.

The Steering Committee of the CALYM Carnot Institute is made up of the statutory representatives of the member entities. It is currently chaired by Prof. Guillaume Cartron.

Membres Organisation
Pascal Bilbault Directeur General Du Lysarc / Representant Du Lysarc
Youssef Boughlem Responsable De L’agence De Valorisation De L’universite De Limoges / Representant Des Universites
Christine Chomienne Directrice Scientifique Institut National Du Cancer Et Itmo Cancer / Representante Inserm
Michel Cogne Centre De Biologie Et Recherche En Sante, Faculte De Medecine De Limoges / Representant Des Equipes Calym
Philippe Gaulard Inserm U955, Hopital Henri Mondor / Directeur Scientifique De Calym
Denise Hirsch Directrice De La Protection Et Des Partenariats Institutionnels, Inserm Transfert / Representante Inserm Transfert
Stephanie Kervestin Responsable Innovation Et Partenariats Industriels Insb / Representante Cnrs
Muriel Malbezin Directrice De La Recherche, Hospices Civils De Lyon / Representante Des Hopitaux
Bertrand Nadel Centre D’immunologie De Marseille-Luminy / Directeur De Calym
Vincent Ribrag Institut Gustave Roussy / Representant Des Centres De Lutte Contre Le Cancer
Gilles Salles President Du Conseil D’administration Du Lysa / President De Calym
Gilbert Semana Directeur Etablissement Français Du Sang Bretagne / Representant Efs
Loïc Ysebaert Oncopole Toulouse / Representant Des Equipes Calym
Together to accelerate innovation


of the Carnot Calym Institute

To meet market demand, CALYM is uniquely positioned across the entire R&D value chain, from excellent fundamental research to clinical trials for drug registration.

The multi-disciplinary expertise required is ensured by the combination of 19 entities: a network of 17 public laboratories conducting excellent research in the field of lymphoma, and 2 private non-profit organisations, international leaders in clinical and translational lymphoma research. Together, they form a coherent structure, coordinated by a professional operational team.

The complementary expertise of CALYM’s 19 member entities covers all lymphoma subtypes and the related cutting-edge fields of fundamental, translational and clinical research (fundamental biological discoveries and new therapeutic targets, predictive/diagnostic/theranostic biomarkers, manipulation of the tumour microenvironment, oncoimmunology, cell therapy, -omics, signaling, etc.).

Calym offers integrated expertise enabling :

  • scientific and clinical evaluation of the biological rationale for candidate therapeutic mechanisms or molecules
  • relevant market positioning
  • the biotechnology expertise required to build ambitious research programmes in industrial partnership
  • the institutional infrastructure
  • the staff needed to carry out these programmes
  • the interface between academic and industrial know-how, practices and standards

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Carnot Label

The number one player in partnership research

The Carnot network is the leading player in partnership-based research in France, with 11,000 industrial R&D contracts and more than 100 high-tech start-ups launched every year. The Carnot network brings together 35,000 professionals in 39 institutes approved by the French Ministry of Research, with a key mission: to build the economic and industrial future by supporting companies in their strategies to differentiate through innovation.

CALYM is one of the Carnot Institutes with the highest volume of partnered research, the majority of which is international. A noteworthy achievement.

Calym’s initiative to create an academic investment centre, with the mission of developing partnership research in the field of oncology-haematology, has just been awarded the “Innovation Team Best Practices” trophy.

This award is conferred each year by the Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation to the teams that best embody innovation in all sectors and all organisations: further proof of its excellence and dynamism.

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